Football: Cristiano Ronaldo 200 Million Followers On Instagram

Unbelievable Facts Fri Jan 31 2020

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Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has over 200 million followers on Instagram. He has become the first person to achieve this feat. Instagram alone has the highest number of 33 million followers, more than Ronaldo.

credit: third party image reference

Apart from Ronaldo, there are three more footballers in the top-10 list. Argentina's Lionel Messi is at number 8 and Brazilian footballer Neymar is at number 10. Messi has 14.1 crore and Neymar has 13.2 crore followers. Apart from these, Hollywood star and wrestler Dwayne Johnson is at number four with 170 million followers.

credit: third party image reference

Ronaldo shared a video and thanked his followers. In October 2018 American singer Selena Gomez was overtaken. Also she became the most followed celebrity. At the moment, Selena has 167 million followers. Now she is at number 5 in the third party image reference

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