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Unbelievable Facts Tue Feb 18 2020

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Laureus Sports Awards of 2020 were given in Germany's capital Berlin. The story of every person who was nominated and won during this period was a result in itself. A Look At The Winners

Laureus Best Sporting Moment

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The Indian cricket team won the ICC World Cup in 2011 and Sachin Tendulkar dominated the whole of India. Taking the trophy in hand, Sachin Tendulkar said that many things can make a difference in the opinion of the people, but that World Cup victory gave the whole country a similar joy.

Laureus world sportswomen of the year

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At the age of 22, American gymnast Simone Biles become the first female player to win a gold medal in the history of gymnastics. This is the third time she has received the Laureus Award.

Laureus world comeback of the year

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The 19 year old German Motogp racer Sophia Flörsch won the honor given to the players who achieved their place again after dealing with all the odds. During the Formula-3 race in 2018, Sophia became a victim of a terrible accident. Badly injured, Sophia returned to the track after five months.

Laureus Lifetime Achievement Award

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Former Germany basketball player Dirk Nowitzki was given the honor for his contribution in promoting his entire career and sports. Nowitzki is counted among the top basketball players.

Laureus world team of the year

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The title was named after the South African rugby team. The African men's rugby team won the award for the first time, receiving more votes than Football Club Liverpool, Formula One team Mercedes and the American women's football team.

Laureus world sportsperson of the year with a disability

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America's Oksana Masters, who used to ski at a fast distance and try cycling for long distances using two prosthetic legs, received this honor. After taking the trophy, Oksana said that she was determined to prove the people's disappointing claims wrong and worked hard.credit: third party image reference

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