Top 3 Modified Royal Enfield Bikes in India

MOTO NEWS Tue Feb 25 2020

credit: third party image reference

In this bike lot of modifications is made, Royal Enfield classic 350 is modified as cafe racer, they have redesign the petrol tank and replace the stock seat to cafe racer seat, they have installed the mono suspension at the rear side and installed the KTM upside-down fork at the front side, and replaced the stock handle bar to clip-on handle bar.

credit: third party image reference

They have modified the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 as bobber type bike, the have modified a bike petrol tank and they installed dual silencer it is a budget modifications.

credit: third party image reference

Royal Enfield Thunderbird is modified has chopper, the have replaced bike seat and stock silencer is replaced, the both rear and front Tyre are replaced with sports Tyre.

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